Why Sponsor?

The News Technology Summit provides sponsors with the opportunity to engage and educate attendees on how specific solutions and best practices can impact their position in the competitive and fast paced environment of news technology, production and delivery. Attendees are qualified professionals that include Technology VP’s, Senior Engineers, News Directors, General Managers and many other high-level decision-makers responsible for deployment of technology solutions for their news operations.

The News Technology Summit will also deliver high-quality, face-to-face meeting opportunities among current and future business partners.

The Summit agenda will include five panel discussions presenting real-world case studies detailing the use of News Technology based solutions. End users will share real world case studies. The specific focus, title, and make-up of each panel discussion has been developed in coordination with – and for the benefit of – event sponsors. Panel topics will include:

  • Tech and News: News Consumption in the Digital Age
  • Next Generation ENG: 5G and Other New ENG technologies
  • Sports Production: New Technologies for Live Sports Production
  • Shoot, Edit, Produce and Archive: New Tech for News Production
  • Reinventing News Operations: Building Cloud, IP, AI and Enabled Media Systems
  • Speed to Air: Finding New Efficiencies and Profits in News Ops
  • ATSC 3.0 and AWARN: Next Gen TV and the Future of Emergency News and Information
We can also modify these topics as needed to best address a sponsor’s priorities. We’re interested in hearing from you. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, contact:
Pete Sembler - West Coast
Vytas Urbonas - East Coast

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