Tuesday  September  25
8:00 PM Cocktails Reception for Early Arrivals
Wednesday  September  26
11:30 AM Opening Luncheon Luncheon Keynote: Sam Feist, Senior VP and Washington Bureau Chief, CNN
1:05 PM Boardroom Presentations
1:40 PM Boardroom Presentations
2:15 PM Session 1: News Consumption in the Digital Age This panel will provide an overview of the key themes of the Summit by providing market research on how people access and use news and by exploring a variety of new technologies that can help news organizations better adapt to those viewing patterns.
3:00 PM Refreshments & Networking
3:30 PM Session 2: Shooting to Win: Capturing News for Ratings Success Competitive success remains heavily dependent on how quickly and efficiently news organizations can produce, share and distribute stories. This panel will dive into the recent advances in cameras, ENG, lenses, cellular bonding, remote production, editing, graphics and other technologies designed to improve the quality of video and streamline operations.
4:20 PM Session 3: New Infrastructures: Better Cloud, IP, OTA and Digital Infrastructures This panel will cover some of the newer cloud, IP, transmission and digital infrastructures. What are some of the best practices and workflows in the transition to cloud and IP based infrastructures and the rollout of ATSC 3.0.
5:10 PM Session 4: Speed to Air: Better Tech for Covering Elections, Extreme Weather and other Big Events How can new technologies and newsroom strategies help companies better cover big events and beat their competition? This panel will cover better ENG systems, content management technologies, newsroom systems, multiplatform graphics, storage and archives for delivering content to TV, apps, digital media, OTT and social media.
6:00 PM Cocktails & Networking
7:00 PM Dinner Event Dinner Keynote: Mark Aitken, VP of Advanced Technology, Sinclair Broadcast Group; President, One Media
Thursday  September  27
7:00 AM Breakfast Event
7:30 AM Session 5: Using “Enabled Media” For Next Generation Your News Ops? Some news organizations and station groups are exploring how they can radically improve their news operations by radically changing the way they approach the capture and creation of content so that it can easily be redistributed and sent to a host of different platforms. This panel will discuss the concept of “enabled media” and discuss how it can help newsrooms create, distribute and monetize content with better metadata, content management, storage, editing and other technologies.
8:30 AM Boardroom Presentations
9:05 AM Boardroom Presentations
9:40 AM Session 6: Automating for Success: Finding New Efficiencies in News Ops Automation and streamlined workflows aren’t just about reducing costs. New automation technologies and approaches can also provide a major competitive advantage by allowing newsrooms to better produce and distribute content. This panel will explore new advances in automation, workflow software, content management, newsroom systems and editing that allow stations to be more efficient and flexible in the way they create and deliver content to viewers.
10:30 AM Refreshments & Networking
11:00 AM Session 7: News Execs Talk News Tech: Engineering for the future Leading news executives discuss the future of news technologies. What are some of the challenges they face and how are they using news technologies to reinvent the newsroom?
12:00 PM Luncheon Event Luncheon Keynote: To be announced
2:00 PM Adjourn